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Go Downpitch and Buttonhook Smartly, Mate Go Downpitch and Buttonhook Smartly, Mate

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Aug. 11, 1986

Go Downpitch and Buttonhook Smartly, Mate

From punkers to peers, all Albion was agog as the Bears met the Cowboys in London's jam-packed Wembley Stadium

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An Upside-Down Game An Upside-Down Game

From Issue

Nov. 28, 1966

An Upside-Down Game

College football awaited an epic that was supposed to decide the national championship. But it all fell apart when Michigan State faltered after a fast start, and Notre Dame took the easy way out

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Walking His Life Away Walking His Life Away

From Issue

July 26, 2004

Walking His Life Away

For race walker Albert Heppner, making the 2004 U.S. Olympic team was all-important—perhaps, in the end, too important

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Hurts So Good Hurts So Good

From Issue

June 23, 2008

Hurts So Good

Playing in pain and not at the top of his game, Tiger Woods battled Torrey Pines for 91 holes, rallying late in regulation and again in a playoff to overcome long shot Rocco Mediate for what he ranked as the best of his 14 major championships

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The Rabbit Hunter The Rabbit Hunter

From Issue

Jan. 26, 1981

The Rabbit Hunter

Bobby Knight may be tremendously successful on the court, but off it, Indiana's controversial basketball coach often stalks the insignificant

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