Introducing Gift Clings! The simplest and
funnest way to send gifts from your smartphone!
Choose gift cards from over 40+ premium retail and online brands, attach it to a cling and leave it at
any store/location of your choice! There has never been a better way to celebrate your friends!
It's simple, it's reliable, it's fun
Clingle let's you spontaneously send gifts at the right place and the right time. It's as simple as:

1. Choose your gift card from over 40+ premium retail and online brands
2. Buy it securely through your phone
3. Say it with a Cling! Attach a personalized video, audio or text message and let the recipient "unwrap" it at the location of your choice

1. Choose gift from iStash store
2. Buy it securely
3. Send it to a friend
Say you had always wanted to buy a winter jacket for your friend? Now just get a gift card from one of the premium retailers featured on iSash store and drop it as a cling at a nearby store! You delight them and also earn some brownie points for being smart!
A gift is just the beginning
When you send a gift cling, spruce up the surprise by adding personalized pictures, audio or video clips and put a smile on your friend's face when they open it! It's like being there in person. Also keep the conversations going by capturing the entire gifting experience right from sending to receiving to redeeming the gift, all on Clingle.
Gift something unexpected
We alert you when your friends check-in at a gifting enabled store, so you can surprise them right away by sending a gift card while they are still shopping. It's serendipity at it's best, and we call it instant location based gifting!
Variety is the spice of life
With over 40+ brands, the iStash store features
some of the best retail and online brands! From
books to movie tickets to gadgets there has never
been a better place to pick and choose your gifts!
Gift your Facebook friends!
Want to gift someone who is not yet on Clingle? You
can even leave clings/gift clings for your Facebook
friends and notify them via an email, sms or a wall
post. They will instantly be able to view the gift cling
once they sign-up on Clingle and connect their
Facebook account!
Redeem your love for Clingle!
Introducing FREE Clingle rewards where you can
unlock free gifts for the milestones you reach on
Clingle. It's a home brewed rewards program
for those of you who love Clingle just like we do!
For more information on gift clings, click here
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